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The management of Universal Hospital, Abu Dhabi regards Occupational Safety and Health Management to be of equal importance as the provision of Healthcare and quality, and accepts ultimate responsibility for OSH issues. Universal Hospital management recognizes the Occupational Safety and Health Management System forthe Health Sector Abu Dhabi (HAAD) & OSHAD requirements (Version .3.0 July 2016) and other UAE local associated regulations, that it has a legal obligation to ensure, to protect and preserve health and safety of all patients, staff, contractors, employees, visitors, sub- contractor vendors, service providers and other stakeholders with adaptation of best available techniques. The Top Management of Universal hospital demonstrates commitment to Occupational safety and health of all its amployees, contractors, patients & visitors through establishing a safe workplace and to the integration of health and safety into all workplace activities.

In order to effectively manage this UH is committed to :

  • Provide appropriate and adequate competent resources to develop, implement, and monitor the implementation of the OSHA-D SF Technical Guideline V. 3.0 and Abu Dhabi health sector requirement and arrange appropriate and suitable Occupational Safety and Health training for all employees.
  • To prevent ill health. pollution, injury and control environmental impact, and infection control related incidents in the organization.
  • Complying with all applicable statutory, regulatory and other applicable requirements according to the Abu Dhabi Health Sector and Abu Dhabi Occupational health and safety Management System (AD 0SHMS) requirements by providing appropriate resources.
  • Identify, assess and manage OSH risks of all the activities within the control and implement effective procedures to control and mitigate significant risks.
  • Promote and encourage a positive safety culture that considers enhancement of employees’ health and wellbeing in all work activities.
  • Ensuring all machinery and equipment is effectively maintained in a safe condition.
    Set, Monitor and review, OSH targets and objectives, to review policies and procedures and continually improve the OSH Management Systems through OSH audits and inspections as per OSHAD requirements.
  • Provide awareness to staff to enable them to carry out their jobs responsibly, and ensure accountabillity for environmental performance at all levels in the organization.
  • The continual improvement of the Occupational Safety & Health Management System (OSH MS).
  • This OSH Policy shall be reviewed annually to keep it in line with changes as in current legislation and Health Sector OSH targets and objectives.
  • The OSH policy shall be communicated to all employees through mails and published to all patients, visitors, contractors through Notice Boards and by placing the Policy portraits at all the prominent palces of the Hospital Premises.