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Dr Lizzie John

Ear, Nose, & Throat

Specialist Otolaryngology


  • Trivandrum Medical College , Kerala University ,India DNB (ENT)
  • National Board Of Examinations New Delhi
  • Divine Medical center,Wadakkancherry, India (1995-1997)


  • CONSULTANT ENT - All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi India(1998-2004)
  • ENT Surgeon ,Government Medical college Mysore ,India.(1998-2004)
  • ENT SURGEON -Atlas Star Medical Center.Dubai (2004-2012)
  • SPECIALIST ENT -KIMS Medical center, Dubai (2012-2017)


  • Management of Allergic Rhinitis
  • Oto Microscopy
  • Video Endoscopy of Larynx ,Pharynx
  • Nose & Sinuses & Throat Diseases Treatement
  • Ear infections Management
  • Ear Perforation Closure (Tympanoplasty)
  • Nasal Surgery
  • Polyps Removal . Correction of Septal Deviation Cauterization of Turbinate Sinus surgeries Ear and Nose Pricking
  • Adenoidectomy / Tonsillectomy
  • Evaluation valuation of Snoring and Counselling
  • Blocked Ear
  • Ear wax removal
  • Ear Discharge Management
  • Tympanometry for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  • Epistaxis (Nose bleed)
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Nose, Ear, Throat
  • Hearing Loss Assessment and planning of Treatment
  • Cochlear implant patient selection, Counselling and Follow up.
  • Swallowing Problems Management
  • Head and Neck Swellings Management
  • Thyroid enlargement Management
  • Management of Giddiness.